Monday, December 18, 2017

Tribes of Neurot & Walking Timebombs - Static Migration (2008)

A far-out collaboration between the ambient alter-ego of post-metal giants Neurosis and industrial/noise rock band Walking Timebombs. Jagged layers of harsh white noise, uneasy guitars, pounding percussion, droning feedback, eerie synth, and a bunch of sounds whose sources are a complete mystery to me. The album really achieves lift-off with the mind-melting "March to the Sun", so don't go all ADD on me.

Track listing:
1. Unspoken Path
2. Rust
3. Recurring Birth
4. March to the Sun
5. Origin Uknown
6. Blood and Water
7. Edgewood
8. Head of the Scorpion

Blazing eye sees all
Nature of fiery truth

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