Friday, November 7, 2014

Luke Vibert - Lover's Acid (2005)

Playful acid techno that's sure to remind some of you of Richard James circa the Analord series (there's even a song called "Analord" on here, fancy that.) I'm pretty damn twisted as I right this, and this shit sounds the way my head feels.

Track listing:
1. Funky Acid Stuff
2. Cash 'n' Carry Acid
3. Homewerk
4. Gwithian
5. Prick Tat
6. Analord
7. Lover's Acid
8. Acid2000
9. Come on Chaos
10. Orch Garage
11. Dirty Fucker
12. Flyover

Pillowy clouds of mashed potatoes


  1. The Analord reference caught my attention. I'll bite.

  2. Amazing work here. I wasn't aware of the existence of this individual, now I'm trying to find his 2009 album "We Hear You" pretty acid stuff but I can't find it anywhere (meaning not legally) haha