Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Perry Leopold - Christian Lucifer (1973)

A truly great psych folk obscurity. Lush, sprawling, heavy-lidded acoustic jams featuring cello, flutes, keyboard, hand drums, spiritually-oriented lyrical concerns, and a darker, more cerebral tone than that hippy-dippy album art suggests.

Track listing:
1. Sunday Afternoon in the Garden of Delights
2. The Windwill
3. The Starewell
4. Serpentine Lane
5. The Annunciation
6. The Journey
7. Vespers

All the clergy is weeping


  1. This is excellent!

  2. A masterpiece. One of the greatest and most obscure albuns of psych-folk. Beautiful, beautiful. Only the last song is mellow. Thanks for posting. You blog is an infinity treasure of great music.