Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jaco Pastorius - Jaco Pastorius (1976)

Here's virtuoso bassist Jaco Pastorius' classic solo debut. There's a good deal of variation -- low-key, spaced out improvisations, full-band funk, melancholic vignettes -- so it's stays consistently interesting, and the material is 100% excellent.

Track listing:
1. Donna Lee
2. Come On, Come Over
3. Continuum
4. Kuru/Speak Like a Child
5. Portrait of Tracy
6. Opus Pocus
7. Okonkole Y Trompa
8. (Used to Be A) Cha-Cha
9. Forgotten Love
10. (Used to Be A) Cha-Cha (Alternate Take) [bonus]
11. 6-4 Jam [bonus]


1 comment:

  1. Few people in the history of music single-handedly transformed the way an instrument is played; virtuosi are across centuries, and tales of their superhuman performances stir our imagination.

    Fewer still are performers who create a manner of playing so original that it forces us to see the instrument anew. Whith techniques that exceeded the limits of physical endurance and musical-bass.

    This is not to say that others haven´t advanced the instrument and contributed to its evolution.

    It´s just that Jaco started a revolution.