Wednesday, November 19, 2014

McCoy Tyner - Expansions (1968)

One of the very best out of many stellar releases from this jazz pianist great, Expansions splits the difference between relatively straightforward hard bop grooves and frantic, atonal avant-garde jazz. I can't even imagine coming close to making music that's this advanced.

Track listing:
1. Vision
2. Song of Happiness
3. Smitty's Place
4. Peresina
5. I Thought I'd Let You Know

The high priest


  1. For jazz piano it's Waldron, Monk and Evans for me. Some Flanagan or Garland too. But I always thought Tyner just sort of banged around with no discernible spirit or touch. This album does nothing to dispel that feeling for me. I know people who are massive McCoy Tyner junkies. But I must admit it escapes me.

  2. Great! Thanks for the post.

  3. As an official Tyner Junkie [tm], thank you, because somehow I haven't had this one. Cheers.

  4. Thanks for a really great share from an awesome piano player , just a tid bit of while during the late 70"s to the early 80"s McCoy Tyner drove a cab in NYC to make ends meet , jazz gigs at that time were very hard to come by we were lucky enough to have him drive a friend and I just by pure luck to a jazz club downtown (7th Avenue South owned by the Brecker Brothers at the time) what a ride I will never forget it or the stories told. That night showed me that life is full of surprises , heard some good music and met a jazz legend ( actually the only jazz musician I have had the luck to meet), this just doesn't happen everyday.