Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Paria - Surrealist Satanist (2013)

German black metal. Surrealist Satanist is mostly traditional in approach, with some modern flourishes, phenomenal drumming, and nothing overtly psychedelic to speak of (not sure why they opted for the retro-stoner-doom font at the top there.) They do, however, generate a darkly enveloping atmosphere throughout, while maintaining -- until the end, anyway -- pedal-to-the-metal tempos.

Track listing:
1. Psychonautikkch Paradigma
2. Surrealist Satanist
3. The Green Angels of Obscurity
4. Wormlike Proselitysm
5. (Behold) The Face of the Timeless Usher
6. Sodomsphinx
7. Oceans of Spermwhite Solitude

Rotating pulse in a prism of limbs

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