Monday, April 25, 2016

The Angelic Process - Coma Waering (2003)

Crushingly heavy, achingly beautiful sludge-gaze. Though many have come since them, none have managed to match this band's level of emotional intensity or visceral impact. The thunderously pounding drums, the distorted mud of the bass, the ethereal yet tormented vocals, and those massive guitars... I swear, when it all hits, it's the end of the fucking world. Very sadly, bandleader Kris Angylus passed away shortly after the release of their next record, the equally breathtaking Weighing Souls with Sand.

Track listing:
1. My Blood Still Whispers
2. The Sun in Braids
3. Mouvement - The Flesh Is Weak
4. Crippled Healing
5. Coma Waering
6. Mouvement - The Rest of the World Is Noise
7. Rid the Past By Dying
8. Mouvement - Shielded by Death, Suspended in Light

Cages of blood and bone

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  1. Super-pumped to check this out.
    Also, not at all related, have you heard Mur's new record "Heartworn"? I'm really digging the release, and I wondered what you might think about it.

  2. Listening to it now and digging it. Thanks!
    Anyone else noticing some similarities with Menace Ruine?