Saturday, April 9, 2016

Devilgroth - Sibur (2010)

Russian raw black metal. Sibur is way uglier than its album art suggests. Though a lot of the riffs are technically melodic, the guitars are blown-out and often slightly out of tune, the vocals range from psychotic shrieks to punk-ish singing, and the whole thing has a rough, scatterbrained feel -- fitting for a demo, I suppose. The kind of stuff whose appeal would be utterly baffling to anyone who doesn't already like black metal.

Track listing:
1. Дыхание Грозы
2. Одинокой Тропой
3. Каторжник
4. Острог
5. У Берега Реки
6. Птицы Смерти
7. Черный Идол
8. Острог (Acoustic Version)
9. Дыхание Грозы (Acoustic Version)
10. Sibur (Instrumental)

Blood altar

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  1. If you dig this at all you have to check out their full-length Morena. it's a seriously weird, almost free-form, barely-in tune black masterpiece