Friday, April 1, 2016

Nunslaughter - Hell's Unholy Fire (2000)

Raw, mosh-y, Christ-crushing US death metal. Blastbeats, one-twos, breakdowns, beefy riffage, and raspy, thrash-y vocals. I can't even begin to imagine how hard this band must have slayed live.

Track listing:
1. I Am Death
2. Death By the Dead
3. Cataclysm
4. The Dead Plague
5. Hell's Unholy Fire
6. Killed By the Cross
7. Burning Away
8. Nunslaughter
9. Burn in Hell
10. Blasphemy
11. Seas of Blood
12. Inverted Churches
13. Blood for Blood
14. Impale the Soul
15. Altar of the Dead
16. Buried Alive
17. Perversion of Gore
18. Satanic

Excrete upon the cross of God

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  1. I am imagining them as 'Nun's Laughter' in the hope that it makes them seem less scary.

    1. WTF I thought I had responded to this, but apparently not. Just wanted to tell you that I love that and I'm gonna call them that from now on.

    2. Haha. It's quite difficult to see it as anything else now.

  2. This is fucking brilliant!!!