Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Graeme Edge Band Featuring Adrian Gurvitz - Paradise Ballroom (1977)

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Some choice, funk- and disco-infused, melancholic, psychedelic 70s rock.

Track listing:
1. Paradise Ballroom
2. Human
3. Everybody Needs Somebody
4. All Is Fair
5. Down, Down, Down
6. In the Light of the Light
7. Caroline
8. Be My Eyes [bonus]
9. Paradise Ballroom [bonus]
10. Everybody Needs Somebody [bonus]

Don't laugh about my face
Cause I found mine in space

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  1. No mention of the obscure band he was in before this? You're making me moody and blue.

  2. Thanks a lot for reup! I'd been looking for this album for several years. Greetings from Bayeux,PB(in Brazil)!