Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bilskirnir - Atavismus des Glaubens (2003)

German raw Pagan black metal. Driving, mid-paced tempos, epically melancholic riffs, and lupine screams. Probably sketchy: they mention purification a lot, and have covered Absurd and Graveland.

EDIT: My suspicions were confirmed by an alert commenter, who described this guy as a "total nazi bastard scumbag." There you have it. I haven't found anything fucked up about this particular album (or the other few of Bilskirnir's that I have heard) but I have no doubt that, at the very least, the man behind the project is as described. So, listen at your own risk, and be good to one another.

Track listing:
1. Feuer und Schwert (Einklang)
2. Atavismus des Glaubens
3. By Fire Midgard Shall Be Cleansed
4. Restitution
5. The Cosmic Source
6. Einsamkeit
7. Abschied

In the cosmic deeps I see the shape of a human

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  1. Total Nazi Bastard Scumbag this Guy...
    just to let u know

    great blog btw, always inspiriing

    1. I had a feeling... thanks for letting me know.

  2. "Total Nazi Bastard Scumbag"

    Yeah, go Bernie go.

    Ta for the ongoing leak of treasures.


  3. Wotansvolk (2007) is an underrated gem

  4. The link is expired. I'm curious to hear this jerk if you care to fix.