Thursday, April 14, 2016

Uaral - Lamentos a Poema Muerte (2007)

A Chilean duo, Uaral were quite a unique force in underground metal. In a general sense, they were a doom metal band -- slow and extremely depressive, with guttural growls and deep, sorrowful singing -- but there's very little drumming, a certain amount of flute, and most significantly, the guitars are, with the exception of a few leads, entirely acoustic and have a distinctly South American flair. Lamentos A Poema Muerte is their second and seemingly final album, and it's one of the most utterly depressing records on the planet.

Track listing:
1. Preludio a la Siembra
2. La Escritura y el Alarido
3. Lamentos...
4. Surrendered to the Decadence (Part II)
5. El Campesino
6. Eterno en Mi
7. Acidal (Tonada Para el Huerto en re Memor)

Distant cries of the lost

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