Saturday, April 23, 2016

Night Conquers Day - The First Snowfall (1998)

Phenomenal, way too obscure US black metal. Sprawling compositions that manage to maintain a sense of fluidity while changing frequently -- despite numerous shifts in time signature and drum patterns, they never sound scatterbrained -- as keyboards and wailing clean vocals provide a strong sense of depth, ethereality, and grandeur.

Track listing:
1. Eastern Winds Mount the Virgin Winter (Introitus)
2. The First Snowfall
3. What Was and Shall Never Be Again
4. Banished from My Eyes
5. Snowmelting Requiem
6. The Storm Before the Calm
7. Provoker Be Hunted
8. Nightfall's Promise
9. Footprints in the Snow Where the Wanderer Has Been

A wall of white surrounds me from all sides
Solitary and ecstatic

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  1. Post more ambient music, please!

  2. Wow!! This band is phenomenal, thank you sooo much for the introduction! Just d/l'ed their other album as well. It's giving me a similar sense of excitement and wonder that I experienced when I first heard a band like Kreator for the very first time - that's saying a lot.