Sunday, February 10, 2019

Velvet Cacoon - Northsuite (2005)

One of the best bands that Portland, OR has ever produced, and one of my absolute favorite black metal records. Northsuite compiles the band's first two demos, and was my introduction to the mysterious, narcotized world of Velvet Cacoon.

Track listing:
1. Northsuite
2. Winterglow
3. Fire Bloomed from Frost
4. Chapelflames
5. Salts & Ashes
6. Bloodscents
7. Fire Bloomed from Frost
8. Dieselflame Novapyre 1892

I do not think they were asking why they were dying, but why they had ever lived.

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  1. Isnt this made by the couple that got really fucked up on DXM and made black metal all the time? I'm gonna have to scope this.

    1. Yup that's them. They also had a pretty infamous internet meltdown in which they copped to having released other people's music as their own (here's an old thread about it: and said that the music that they HAD made -- at the time, this, Dextronaut, and Genevieve -- was total drug-induced bullshit and no one should listen to it. Fucking weirdos, incredible band.

  2. One of my favorite bands, I don't know why people despise them... Sure, they were infamous for the incredible number of lies they told.. but maybe that's why i love them? Their project Clair Cassis is awesome too.

  3. Great band and their interviews have always been really fun to read.
    I really like their final 2 albums, Atropine is a great dark ambient album and P aa Opal Poere Pr. 33 is just awesome, it sounds like it was recorded under water and it has those simple, hypnotic bass lines.
    It's a unique black metal album that is able to create an atmosphere that you won't find on many other albums.