Friday, February 15, 2019

Bile - Suckpump (1994)

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Bile - TeknoWhore (1996)

Debut album of dense, antisocial, mildly pornographic, and occasionally surprisingly catchy industrial metal from Long Island. A personal favorite of mine for the better part of my life. Wanna see me get fucking AMPED? Play "I Reject" really loud when I'm drunk.

Track listing:
1. Head
2. Burnt
3. Ura Fucking Loser
4. I Reject
5. Feeling Like Shit
6. Get Out
7. Suckpump
8. Get Out (Radio Edit)
9. Ura Fucking Loser (Radio Edit)

I am the living dead
I see in infrared

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  1. Nice one. Brings this to mind:

  2. Nice! There's a new Bile and Nightmare Before Krtzoff in the making right now.

  3. Ah the memories! Made me dig out my "Frankenhole" CD!

  4. My band played a few shows with Bile on this tour, incredible bunch of people. LOVE your blog, keep it up!!!