Friday, February 22, 2019

The Clean - Unknown Country (1996)

Heavenly, shimmering indie rock from New Zealand underground legends The Clean. In places, Unknown Country comes off as the spiritual successor to Another Green World, while elsewhere it's just really great, abstract indie rock. My introduction to this amazing band, and, although it seems I'm firmly in the minority here, it's still my favorite.

Track listing:
1. Wipe Me, I'm Lucky
2. Champagne & Misery
3. Changing Your Head
4. Balkans
5. Clutch
6. Franz Kafka and the Zoo
7. Whisk
8. Indigo Blue
9. Chumpy
10. Get the Liquid
11. Happy Lil Fella
12. Tweezer
13. Rope
14. Twist Top
15. Cooking Water
16. Valley Crab
17. Wall Walk
18. Balkans

The band that never was

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  1. Hey, DS, Grateful if you have anything by The Creation (the Mod band), especially vinyl rips. Thanks for
    the great blog.


    PS Really like A Guy Called Gerald's "Black Secret Technology". It really holds up well. Thanks for that!

  2. Hey, DS, Appreciate anything by The Creation ("How Does It Feel to Feel"?). Sorry to pester you.

    Thanks for all the great musuc.