Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rudy Adrian - The Healing Lake (2000)

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More beautiful, tranquil synth pieces from Rudy Adrian. Gauzy, languidly-paced waves of synth, each one slowly engulfing the last. Factor in just a touch of pan flute and nature sounds, and you've got a pretty much perfect new age record.

Track listing:
1. The Healing Lake
2. Valley of Mists
3. Shelter from the Storm
4. Night Sky
5. Clouds Part to Reveal Distant Mountains
6. Beneath the Stars
7. Promise of Snow
8. Dreaming of Winter
9. Before Dawn

Beyond the sunrise
That is where we live

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  1. you know what i think you should do? I think you should post the new incantation record if you wanna be a real g.

    1. Don't wanna be a real g I guess, posting brand new albums by major acts is the fastest way to get yr blog deleted

    2. P.S. Check with periodically, he'll definitely post it eventually

  2. Nice one! I used to know Rudy low key kiwi! Makes brilliant ambient music this being his apex period. Thanks for all the good stuff!