Thursday, July 6, 2017

dot(.) - Raw Heavy Green (2000)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
dot(.) - dot(.) (2004)

It was a simpler time. It was, dare I say it , a better time. Sure, Netflix and YouTube didn't exist yet, and you still had to pay for music. But the Twin Towers in NYC were still standing. Donald Trump was still just some rich asshole who put his name on stuff. And all over the world, from the US to Japan, young people would get extremely stoned and record extremely heavy doom metal about getting extremely stoned for other young people to listen to extremely loudly while getting extremely stoned.

One song, titled "Bong in Hand"

Drop out of life with

Pack another one and listen to:
Sourvein -
Will to Mangle (2002)
Pombagira -
Black Axis Abraxas (2009)


  1. "Bong in Hand"

    that's me, in a few hours, after work.......... can't wait


  2. El link caducó. Alguien que tenga RAW HEAVY GREEN puede enviármelo al mail? O subir nuevamente el link?

  3. hi mr opiumhum, i've been discovering so many great artists thanks to your work! I was wondering if you still have this track, its link is expired and I sadly cannot find it on youtube either! Thanks again, stay heavy