Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Manon Lescaut - Gift of Stones (2015)

Grainy, lo-fi ambient/drone by Manon Lescaut, an artist about whom I know nothing aside from his/her/their affiliation with stellar Danish label Janushoved. Deeply sorrowful, longing music that pairs well with downers and considering one's life as an extended flush of a cosmic toilet.

Track listing:
1. Marble Bust Cleaved at the Neck
2. Libelles Were Spread on the Stones of Paris
3. The March
4. Corset with Coloured Ornaments of Silver and Turquoise
5. Her Toes Were Dipped in Honey and Photographed
6. The Head of Their Master
7. Gift of Stones

Silent harm

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  1. Marvelous stuff, this. It often seems to want to break from the sorrowful mode but never quite does.

  2. hhiiiiii missing fileeeeeee (and zippy tooo)