Saturday, July 8, 2017

Transgressor - Ether for Scapegoat (1992)

Lysergic Japanese death metal with strong elements of doom. If you dig old-school death metal and haven't heard this -- like me a couple of weeks ago -- drop what you're doing and listen to this. That is, if you're not doing anything that cool. If you are, just wait and listen to it later, you know?

Track listing:
1. Whiteness
2. Immense Extinction
3. Mortal Agony
4. Deathfile
5. Disembodied / Suffocation
6. Transmigration
7. Limbless Doom

Bring your world to an end

You also should hear:
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Expound and Exhort (1991)
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Descend into the Absurd (1992)

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