Thursday, July 20, 2017

Duster - 1975 (1999)

Duster - Stratosphere (1998)
Helvetia - The Clever North Wind (2006)

Just about 24 minutes of sublime, dreamily stoned, instantly nostalgic slowcore by the waaay too short-lived Duster. Woozy guitars chime, gauzy keyboards shimmer, and a vocalist casually whisper-sings about existential crises. Bought this record for two bucks about 10 years back at the record store where I now work, only to find out later that it sells online for a couple hundo. Man, those cranky-ass hipsters at [store name omitted] don't know shit about dick.

Track listing:
1. Irato
2. Memphis Sophisticate
3. The Motion Picture
4. And Things (Are Mostly Ghosts)
5. August Relativity
6. Want No Light to Shine

You're not the first to set foot here
Just another
And I know you're terrified
Like the rest of us

Flying Saucer Attack -
Flying Saucer Attack (1993)
Bowery Electric -
Bowery Electric (1995)


  1. Thanks boiee, just got into these guys, can't stop listening to "Gold Dust" off Stratosphere... i look forward to listening to this one.

    1. Oh shit waddup man, it's been a second. Hope all is well. If you haven't heard it yet, don't sleep on Contemporary Movement (their second LP) either, it's real good.

  2. Saw Stratosphere in a record store for $20. Didn't buy it bc i was broke at the time but still makes me sad.

  3. Just thankful that this blog still exists, many awesome discoveries, and great positive black metal vibes. The jazz you guys post is always legendary.

  4. i remember john peel playing duster back in '97.

    i still have the john peel tape.

    cracking band, cracking band.