Friday, July 28, 2017

Helrunar - Grátr (2003)

Stellar German Pagan black metal. Grátr is a demo in name alone, as it finds the band's sound -- vicious and lupine, with an epic, neofolk-tinged melodic sense -- already fully realized and flawlessly executed.

Track listing:
1. Der Fährtensuche
2. Raune mit der Ti
3. Ich Bin die Leer
4. Seelenwinter
5. Grátr
6. Morket Under Ver
7. Hornung
8. Das Heilige Feue
9. Kvasirs Blut

Impact of gods

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  1. Retarded question but how many times do you listen to an album? How could you have enough time to check out all this music?

    1. Totally depends. On one extreme, there's the stuff -- this album for instance -- that I've been listening to for years. On the other extreme, sometimes I'll hear an album, love it, then listen to it a second time while writing the post. Some albums stay with me, and others I kinda forget about after writing them up.

      RE: your other question: I stay up real late listening to music at least 2-3 nights a week, and I work full-time at a record store.

    2. Okay I see. I'm in college and I hardly find time to listen to music these days. I never delete an album from my phone before giving it three listens (I think the main reason most people have a shitty taste in music is that they listen to albums only once or twice) and I find myself baffled by folks like you or people who make all these 5x5 collages of the albums they've listened to during the week.

      Cheers for having the dream job :3

  2. Sometimes an album is stamped in yr head after two listens... some other times I listen... not forgetting tha thing... cause I Know at the right moment tha same shit make me forgive the world for some minutes...

  3. Just wanted to stop in and say that your blog is probably the best one on the internet right now. At least from what ive seen.