Saturday, July 22, 2017

Darchon - The Stygian Black Beyond (2015)

Greek atmospheric black metal. The Stygian Black Beyond is IMO a straight-up masterpiece. Anyone looking for instant headbanging gratification is gonna be sorely disappointed, though, as a great deal of the album consists of darkly lush, layered synths and piano passages. It always feels kinda backhanded to call an album a "grower," but it definitely took me multiple spins to wrap my head around this one. Darkspace fans, take note.

Track listing:
1. Apeiron
2. Into a Cosmic Solitude
3. Crossing the Celestial Path to Infinities and Beyond
4. Outer Darkness
5. Caldwell 77 (NGC 5128) Centaurus A
6. Selene
7. Auslander Hostility
8. Unseen Kingdoms

Shadows from the elder chasm

In space, no one can hear your demo:
Astral Silence -
Astral Journey (2010)
Finster -
Existenz (2012)


  1. Hey... I'll try anything once. I'm a product of the "Just say Hell Yes Generation".

    1. W0W... I am not a fan of metal, sorry. But this... this is amazing. I dig it, I dig it deep.

  2. This is great! Thanks for posting, had not heard this before.


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