Thursday, July 27, 2017

Deos - Fortitude.Pain.Suffering (2013)

Yhdarl - Drone Nightmares I - Endless Mental Wounds (2007)
Imber Luminis - Life as Burden (2011)
Ennui - Mze Ukunisa (2012)
Cult of Erinyes - Blessed Extinction (2013)

Utterly bleak, lightless UK funeral doom. Pure, soul-crushing depression, set to music. Following the above, add Clouds, Eye of Solitude, and Shape of Despair to the long list of amazing bands that are associated with Deos.

Track listing:
1. Introducing Suffering
2. Abandoned
3. Embalmed in Tears of Sorrow
4. Neverending Grief
5. The Corruption of Virtue

Reaching for nothingness

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