Sunday, July 23, 2017

Encoffination - Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh (2010)

Remember how, before everyone started jacking Blasphemy, everyone was jacking Incantation? I liked that, too. Encoffination wore their love for Incantation on their sleeve by mimicking their logo, but slowed things down and amped up the reverb significantly, ending up with death-influenced doom metal, as opposed to vice-versa.

Track listing:
1. Processional
2. Nefarious Yet Elegant Are the Bowels of Hell
3. Miasma of Rotten Serenity
4. Eucharist of Bone and Flame
5. Interlude
6. Beyond the Grace of Flesh Go I
7. Entombment of the Breathing Flesh
8. Coffinpsalms

Stone halls emit the stench of death

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  1. One reviewer @ Metallum says that Encoffination plays "caverncore"... WTF is that??!!!

    1. Don't think I've heard the phrase, but they're referring to black/death metal with a shit to of reverb on anything thus making it sound like it's coming from a cavern. Here are a couple of examples:

  2. Yeah, I was guessing that. Anyway, I don't see why naming every sub-sub-sub genre... I mean, do we need a name for "black/death metal with lots of reverb"?