Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Icons of Filth - Onward Christian Soldiers (1984)

One of the all-time great anarchopunk records. The current political atmosphere in my country (not limited to Trump) is making the crust I listened to back in the day feel relevant again, especially simple, driving, pissed-off shit like this that makes me want to form a mob and throw molotov cocktails at the White House.

Track listing:
1. Why So Limited?
2. Mentally Murdered
3. They've Taken Everything
4. Fucked Up State
5. Present & History
6. Dividing Line
7. Now We're Getting Warmer
8. Sod the Children
9. Show Us You Care
10. Death Is the Only Release
11. Fool Britannia (A Song for Europe)
12. One Second to Midnight
13. Midnight
14. Onward Christian Soldiers
15. Self-Styled Superiority
16. Power for Power

They, the arse
We, the excretion

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  1. Wonder how many watch lists that description just got you added to

    1. Ha I know, between this post, "Teenage Snuff Film" by Rowland S. Howard, and "Adolescent Sex" by Japan, I'm expecting a knock at the door any day now

  2. kind of relevant: https://www.thing.net/~rdom/ecd/jam.html

  3. Is that a Napalm Death cover I see?

    1. No. Icons came before ND but Lee Dorrian was a big fan of them.

  4. aw yeah. i love LOVE this band. even more than CONFLICT. Tbh, i really needed a better rip of my old long lost vynil and this will quench my thirst, it will suffice my dose of FILTH. Thanks man

    1. Honestly this album's better than anything Conflict's done, aside from MAYBE Against All Odds. Plus Conflict has a pro-life song

  5. Hillary is an edgy rebel.