Thursday, July 6, 2017

Leviathan - A Silhouette in Splinters (2005)

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Haunting, evocative dark ambient from one of the US' finest BM acts. Amazingly, he's as good at making dark ambient as he is at making black metal. A Silhouette in Splinters was actually the first Leviathan record I heard, and I'm still holding out hope that he'll make something along these lines again.

Track listing:
1. A Silhouette in Splinters
2. It Comes in Whispers: Part 2
3. Blood Red and True: Part 2 (A Spell to Vanquish Sea Serpents)
4. Traveling Over the Ocean's Skull
5. Particular Dis-Ease
6. Shimmering with Horn of Woe

Dead except the eyes

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  1. I'm sure you've checked out his Lurker of Chalice project as well? Loved that album.

  2. Link's dead, any risk of a re-up?