Saturday, July 22, 2017

Le Orme - Felona e Sorona (1973)

Italian prog. Warm and analogue-sounding, thanks in part to lots of synth, piano, and acoustic guitars. Italians in the 1970s really had a way with turning potentially lowbrow stuff (see also: slasher and zombie flicks) into quasi-high-minded art.

Track listing:
1. Sospesi Nell'Incredibile
2. Felona
3. La Solitudine di Chi Protegge il Mondo
4. L'Equilibrio
5. Sorona
6. Attesa Inerte
7. Ritratto di un Mattino
8. All'Infuori del Tempo
9. Ritorno al Nulla


More Italian magic:
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  1. Had this album for years and every now and again I'm reminded how good it is. Excellent Italian prog

  2. Italians loved Genesis before their fellow Brits came to the realization early Genesis where pioneers in the rock world. No surprise the Italians took art rock to heart after all next to the Germans the Italians where pioneers in Opera and classical music! Thanks again for posting such prima materiali!

  3. This a stellar album. LOVE it.

  4. Too much/never enough good stuff!