Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ardour Loom - Demo (2014)

Epic, majestic US atmospheric black metal. Both members of Ardour Loom have put in time in some of the best Pacific Northwest metal bands of the past decade and beyond -- including Wolves in the Throne Room, Aldebaran, and Weregoat -- so it's no surprise that this demo is so goddamn good.

Track listing:
1. Initiates of Formless
2. Ascend the Crimson Confluence

Infinite reflecting depths
Roaming unbound
I shall not return

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  1. any chance of a reupload? the link is dead :/

  2. just wanted to thank you for all the amazing black metal you post. Been going through my computer's music library in an effort to cull and there's so much cool shit I've gotten from you I likely would never have heard of otherwise. hails \m/