Thursday, July 20, 2017

Crimson Evenfall - Nocturnal Storms of Infinity (1996) + Winterheart (1997)

Kult-as-fuck Finnish lo-fi black metal. Muffled drums, thick-sounding guitars, ethereal keyboards, and evil rasps of cold death.

Track listing:
-Nocturnal Storms of Infinity-
1. Storming Over the Realm of Mortals
2. Child of Moon
3. Searching the Wisdom
4. Under the Ravenflag
1. Henget
2. Mustan Yön Valtias
3. Winterheart
4. Through the Enchanted Forests

Where burning stars have forever shined
There is my home

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the Road of Kings
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  1. thanks I need something like this today to blow some steam

  2. File has expired. I would be grateful for a fix!

  3. Similar font to Discharge's Grave New World!

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