Monday, September 28, 2020

Joan Bibiloni - Silencio Roto (1987)

Solo album by Spanish guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Joan Bibiloni. Soothing, nocturnal sounds that fall somewhere between new age and fusion.

If you're one of the weirdly large number of people who have commented recently requesting that I re-up something in FLAC format, or start posting FLACs from here on out: I'm not doing that, for a number of reasons that I won't go into here unless you force me to. Just enjoy the damn music -- or don't -- and if you like it so much, go buy it on Discogs or something.

Track listing:
1. Silencio Roto (Cabecera)
2. Silencio Roto (Tema)
3. Sobrevivir
4. Bajo el azul
5. Contacto azul
6. Easy Walk
7. Nacimientos
8. Caminos del aire
9. Migas
10. Silencio Roto (Versión)
11. Vuelo lento
12. El salto del martín
13. Amanecer azul
14. Mamá
15. Agua profunda
16. Persecución
17. Vuela la hormiga
18. Nacimientos II
19. Walts for Lyle & Pat
20. Alas de seda
21. Refugio
22. Rueda firme
23. Ocasos

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I dont' care about flac.. but a vbr0 rip would me more than welcome :p

  2. I think I can speak for myself and many other longtime visitors when I say we really appreciate you taking time to share anything from your collection. Even if you didnt offer mp3 links, I discover so many hidden gems that broaden my musical horizon (especially the black metal stuff, which I never thought I would even give a chance to) that I would still visit this site just for all the new write-ups. I even went out and bought a couple ECM records after discovering them on here so thanks for that also. Keep on rocking!

  3. Right decision. Thanks for your efforts. Carlos

  4. I just wanted to say Hear, Hear for you on kiboshing the flac requests, unbelievable that people can express their gratitude for great free downloads by making demands.
    Great site, great work, thanks as always.

  5. Thank you for the music, I don't care what format it's in I just sincerely appreciate the effort that goes into this site and the posts. Thanks to your curating, I have discovered new artists!

  6. I appreciate your hard work, but you have to remember that any lossy files you post on here (and which your followers will download) will gradually lose bits through rotational velocidensity, meaning in ten years, this album won't sound nearly as good. It isn't about elitism or being an audiophile. Cheers.

    1. I'm aware -- not of the technical info, but of the fact that mp3s lose sound quality over time. Again, if you like it enough to still be listening to it in ten years, maybe consider buying it.

    2. There's no evidence that mp3s lose sound quality over time. There's evidence that your ears do, of course.

    3. Interesting. That's just something I've always heard. Good to know!

    4. "lose bits through rotational velocidensity"

      LOL. Excellent geek-trolling.

      Thanks for your ace blog. Anything 128 and above is good enough even for my old ears when I'm getting it for free and often without any previous knowledge. FLAC is a last resort for me - the uselessly-ultra-hi-res fetishists really ought to buy the bloody thing to play on their top-end Bong and Oafsen holographic Krel cassette-decks.

    5. yeah that veloci-whatever had me laughing

  7. Thanks for not posting FLACs. Let's leave a little on the table for the musicians and the folks who make a living trading physical copies of this music. If you can afford a playback system that allows you to differentiate between 320 MP3s and Lossless file formats then cough up, collector.

    Thanks again, Opiumhum, for being so generous. But not too fucking generous!

  8. Thanks a ton! Anything by Spanish musician Mr. Bibiloni is a treat since he is rather underrated and no one really even knows this mans music here in the states but......Opium Hum!

  9. checked it out due to the 'somewhere between new age and fusion' description... really digging it. thanks!

  10. Do what you like. Beggars can't be choosers is what I always heard.

  11. Terminal Sound Nuisance blog has flac files, so there but his music is all crusty anarcho stuff. Good, long written articles though!

  12. rutracker have FLAC torrents for years worth of listening..

  13. Thank you! I totally agree - mp3s are just fine! Glad for what you've posted here, in whatever format - thanks for sharing all this music with us.

  14. MP3s are fine. Especially at 320kbps. And no, they don't degrade over time. It's fucking digital data. 0s and 1s. There's nothing to wear out. The only thing that can happen is if the file gets corrupted or the drive fails.
    Also, once drives make another magnitude jump from 4TB common to 4TB common they'll all come out of the woodwork saying "Well, YOU KNOW you should be doing it all in WAV format."

  15. I'd recommend browsing on Bandcamp where most of the money goes to the artist(s). Do that instead of moaning about FLAC format. This is a great site, I've always enjoyed the droll comments (there was one once about owning a album 'that would make me a prime suspect in a murder enquiry if anyone knew I owned it') from someone with a very eclectic taste in music who clearly can't live without it.


  16. appreciate you, ignore the beggers-choosers <3

  17. Much Thanks for the amazing music