Sunday, October 4, 2015

Akhlys - Supplication (2009)

To me, much of the subgenre of dark ambient can be divided into two distinct camps. On one side you have the Lustmords: ominous figures making mysterious, difficult, but unquestionably unsettling sounds that often have very little to do with "music." On the other side are the Incarcerated Burzums: black metal dudes dinking around on cheap keyboards.

Then there's projects like Akhlys, the brainchild of Naas Alcameth (a member of Nightbringer, Bestia Arcana, and Excommunion) whose debut full-length Supplication, a single 38-minute long composition, could be claimed by either camp. The sound is massive and cavernous, with darkly lush, droning synth chords, clanging bells, thunderous percussion that might just be the pounding of a Babadook-like nightdemon, and evil vocals scattered throughout. Turn off the lights, turn it up, scare the neighbors.

BTW, Akhlys' newest record, The Dreaming I, is gonna be a strong contender for my black metal album of the year, so do yourself a favor and get it, son. Here it is on bandcamp.


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