Friday, October 30, 2015

Ancient Wisdom - ... And the Physical Shape of Light Bled (2000)

Ancient Wisdom - For Snow Covered the Northland (1996)

So I have my first true night off in forever, and I've opted to spend it listening to music on headphones and smoking legal weed. Great decision. And having had a few hours to sit on it, I've determined that my last post wasn't spooky enough, so here's some synthetic-symphonic black/doom metal with lots of creepy piano lines, dramatic strings, and crestfallen guitar leads.

Track listing:
1. Preludium: Lucifer, Aleth Gadol Leolam
2. And the Physical Shape of Light Bled
3. With His Triumph Came Fire
4. Interludium: The Fall of Man
5. As the Morningstar Shineth
6. The Serpent's Blessing
7. Postludium: His Creation Reversed
8. The Spell

Jehovah's creation destroyed by Lucifer's lust

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