Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Breach - Venom (1999)

Heavy, pissed-off, yet weirdly hypnotic metallic hardcore. Some of the best metalcore I've ever heard. Would not be at all surprised to learn that this band was a source of inspiration for the great Celeste.

Track listing:
1. Helldrivers
2. Murder
3. Gheeá
4. Heroine
5. Diablo
6. Common Day
7. Path of Conscience
8. Game in Vein
9. Pleasuredome
10. Black Sabbath
11. Hell Is My Witness
12. Penetration


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  1. Breach! Saw them live with Entombed back in the day! What a night, easily among the top five gigs I ever attended.

    Thx for posting this and plz post more of them if you have!

  2. Coalesce was called Breach before they became Coalesce.

  3. Hey, any chance you could upload Feast On Your Gone LP from The Old wind (ex-Breach)? Thanks!

    1. Hey my bad I keep forgetting to respond. I do not have that, sorry.