Monday, February 19, 2018

Old Man Gloom - Meditations in B (1999)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Old Man Gloom - Seminar III: Zozobra (2001)

Chaotic blasts of raging, dissonant post-sludge separated by long stretches of cavernous drone and dark ambient. The first time I heard this I was 17 or 18 and stoned out of my mind, riding in the backseat of a car with two older, cooler metal kids up front, and it blew my fucking head off.

Track listing:
1. Afraid Of
2. Flood I
3. Simian Alien Technology: Message Received
4. Sonic Wave of Bees
5. Sonar Enlightenment Program
6. Rotten Primate
7. The Exploder Whale
8. Poisoner
9. An Evening at the Gentlemen's Club for Apes
10. Vipers
11. Test Result: Alien Ape Distress Signal
12. Flood II
13. Resolving the De-Evolution Concept
14. Scraps Theatre Presents: Confusion in Five Movements

Clenched tight in the fist of God

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  1. Christmas is the album I return to most often but this here is damn good too

    1. Yeah, I think Christmas is the go-to OMG record for a lot of people. I love that album -- it was the first album of theirs of which I got my hands on a physical copy -- but I definitely listen to the three numbered albums more often, especially Zozobra.

  2. From Santa Fe...ah. explains the name...named for the original burning man - Zozobra, old man gloom. Have watched him burn many a time. Good times. Will have to check this out.

  3. And I see they recorded at Stepbridge Studios. Recorded a shoegazer-ish album there in the 90's. Beautiful space.

  4. AND now there is THIS: whoa!

    From SUMAC (Aaron Turner of Old Man Gloom) and Keiji Haino - worth a minute of your time for sure