Monday, February 12, 2018

Infester - To the Depths, in Degradation (1994)

A should-be classic of lysergic, doom-infused US death metal. Muddy guitars, sharp drums, monstrous growls, dissonant leads, and creepy keyboards.

Track listing:
1. To the Depths (In Degradation)
2. Chamber of Reunion
3. Braded into Palsy
4. Epicurean Entrails
5. A Viscidy Slippery Secretion
6. A Higher Art of Immutable Beauty
7. Clouding of Consciousness
8. Excoriation Kills the Bliss
9. Mephetic Exhumation
10. Outro

No one shall miss the secretions from your marrow

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  1. rad. love this. thanks for posting.

  2. Cool, also please check out official LP & CD reissue from Martyrdoom!