Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lesmentor - ...Sable et Soumise... (2007)

Deranged, mind-melting French black metal. Total anxiety-ridden chaos, with the help of some ghoulish, hallucinatory violin. For people who listen to too much black metal, do too many drugs, or both.

Track listing:
1. [LMDCM]
2. ...Sable et Soumise...
3. SanGcher
4. MuRmUR
5. Outr[age]

When you are a martian church

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  1. Holy shiiiiit. you were not joking.

  2. Any album with an arse on the front is always going to be fantastic.

  3. Any chance this could get a re-upload? The link is down. The description fits my life perfectly...