Friday, February 2, 2018

Voyager - Future Retro (1997)

Dreamy, lush drum-and-bass. The title of the second track, "Hypersleep" is also a perfect metaphor for the overall impact of this album -- hurtling at top speed through space, but sound asleep, dreaming of home.

Track listing:
1. Desire (Original Mix)
2. Hypersleep
3. Animal Magic
4. Collect Call
5. Martian Chronics
6. Jazzed Out (Remix)
7. Definition of Love
8. Desire (Wishful Thinking Mix)
9. Waiting for Me
10. Long Distance
11. See Forever

I don't recognize this place

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  1. Hey, DS. Trying to find A Guy Called Gerald's "Black Secret Technology" (1995 or 2008 reissue) with no
    luck. Any chance you have it? Your re-ups & answering requests [Panphage, Inade/Turbund Sturmwerk, etc] are much appreciated. Thanks for all your assistance.


    1. First of all, no problem. Second, I LOVE A Guy Called Gerald -- it's actually pretty weird that I haven't posted anything by him yet -- so let me know if you need anything else by him, cause I probably have it.!EKIFCYpZ!M5d56ZjyUHTt-Opud8PyEalgv7QR6g2mqg1jPwhZxe8

    2. Thanks so much, DS! Weird that it was so hard to find. Liked "Voodoo Ray" back in the day, but didn't realize Gerald also wrote bulk of 808 State's "Pacific". Your blog is one of the only places I could request "Black Secret Technology" & Nazi UFO Commander! [For the record, I don't endorse Nazis or UFO's, but I do await the Sun Ra-Genocide Organ split.]

      And thanks for offering more Gerald. I might ask for some later, but this is good. Much more familiar with the world of Metal, but, as a Canadian, I have to plug ORPHX & VROMB!

      Ok, thanks again for taking requests & for the blog.


  2. ehm, just anotha zippie