Monday, February 5, 2018

Adrian Beasley - Powerhouse (2007)

AirSculpture - Thunderhead (1998)

Synth excellence from one third of the great AirSculpture. Dense, textural drone, glistening arpeggios, and cinematic leads, all evocatively constructed and executed. Despite my love/hate relationship with that ridiculously dorky album cover, this is seriously a phenomenal synth record, y'all.

Track listing:
1. a. Turbines - b. Generator
2. The Great Hall
3. Power Surge
4. Off-Line
5. Powerhouse

Slow glass

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  1. ....and you are right about that cover. Boy!

  2. Since this popped up again I have to say it. I will never, ever listen to this because of that cover art: "smug artist with instrument". Whatever the genre, that tired, heinous packaging trope can signal only one thing: abominable puke-pot audio garbage contained within.

    To be clear, DEAR_SPIRIT, I trust your musical opinion implicitly. It's enough for me to know you dig what you hear from Mr. Beasley. Because unless this thing gets reissued with less contemptible cover art, it's getting nowhere near my hard drive. I don't care if it's John Coltrane-meets-Last Exit-meets-Motorhead-meets-Prince fucking brilliant, Beasley tosses that all away if he can happily strike that "oh, I'm sooooo badass on this keyboard synth you won't even believe it" self-congratulatory wankfest pose for the cover shot.

    Much thanks for the post and your genuine support for it. I kindly pass.

    1. Oof. I hear ya, but if you like synth music, you are missing out.

    2. Here, I made you a better cover:

  3. Bless you! I like dogs. Cats too. And now I can enjoy some cool synth sounds without wanting to smash the artist in the face with a shovel.

    Love and thanks, DEAR_SPIRIT.

  4. Hearty thanks, the original dick cover art belies the gravitas of the sounds within. Shame. The drone-y stuff is my preference, but the bouncier "Power Surge" is elegant in a Larry Fast/Synergy way. Ace.

  5. Probably due to this being a private release, he didn't have an art department to say: No don't do that cover!! Sometimes it's best to leave it to those that know better, but the music is good, and boy, I'd love to have that Oberheim.