Monday, February 5, 2018

Desaster - A Touch of Medieval Darkness (1996)

Classic German black/thrash. A Touch of Medieval Darkness is more melodic than most blackened thrash, and with some medieval-sounding flourishes and production that's more comparable to Emperor than Sodom, there's a grander sense of atmosphere as well.

Track listing:
1. Skyline in Flames (Intro)
2. In a Winter Battle
3. At Touch of Medieval Darkness
4. Fields of Triumph
5. Devil's Sword
6. Into a Magical Night
7. Crypts of Dracul
8. Visions in the Autumn Shades
9. Porter of Hellgate
10. Home for the Brave (Outro)

Shadows dance around me, whispering into my ear
Those who died proud take me to their realm

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  1. Link is dead on this one. What a cover, though!

    (Thanks, as always, for all your good work)

  2. Yeah, I like the cover too. Is there anything like Lord of the Rings, but with epic metal? I have no idea what that might be called, but thought I'd ask.

    1. It's not a subgenre that I know of, but there is the band Summoning: