Friday, February 2, 2018

Stabwound - Human Boundaries (2004)

Sick Swedish brutal death metal. Pig squeals, indecipherable riffs, and some fucking gnarly grooves. I was worried when I first saw the track listing, so I'm gonna let you know up front that, against all odds, "Trans Gender Mutilation" is, in its own grotesquely violent way, weirdly trans-positive.

Track listing:
1. Moulding Through Sloth
2. Devouring Deficiency
3. Red Worms Erected
4. Facial Skin and Tissue Removal
5. Trans Gender Mutilation
6. Disgorging Pieces of Broken Glass
7. Divine Gluttony
8. Morgue Abductions
9. Unspeakable Perversions
10. Aqualung

Skin crumples
An eye staring
A door opens
Hands clenching

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  1. I know you have at least one scythian album posted here, any chance you have the demo "suffering to the conquered"?

  2. This sounds great but the zippyshare is down - any chance of a reupload? Thanks for all you do, mate.