Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Spectral Woods - Between the Trees (2011)

Dagger of Sacrifice - Joys of the Sorrows (2003)
Unholy Crucifix - Black Mass Metal (2012)
Backwoods - Hesitation Wounds (2014)

Utterly raw black metal obscurity from the man behind Unholy Crucifix, Dagger of Sacrifice, Worshiper, Blasphematory, and like 10 other projects. As I've pointed out before, this guy's bandcamp is a rich source of disgusting, lo-fi black metal filth that I highly encourage you to peruse.

Track listing:
1. Unburied for Centuries
2. The Forest
3. Between the Trees
4. Nocturnal Snarling Beast
5. Under the Weight of Death
6. Spectral Woods
7. Galgeskygge (Gallow's Shadow)

Huddled under the crown
He watches over us

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