Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Omega Tribe - No Love Lost (1983)

One of the great peace punk records. Bouncy, catchy, pissed-off, and apocalyptic. A record that, along with Christ: The Album, changed my life in high school.

Just gonna throw this out there: back in the days of Napster, I downloaded a song by some unknown alt rock band that lifted its chorus from "Another Bloody Day", which isn't actually on this LP. Does anyone out there know who it was?

Track listing:
1. Duty Calls
2. Profit
3. Aftermath
4. Freedom, Peace, and Unity
5. What the Hell?
6. Mother of Cultivation
7. My Tears
8. Nature Wonder
9. Pictures
10. Man Made
11. My Tears Reprise (No More Wars)

Angry songs and bitter words
We've heard it all before

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