Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Seaside Lovers - Memories in Beach House (1983)

Akira Inoue - Splash (1983)

Sunny, laid-back, synth-saturated fusion bliss. If there's such a thing as a smooth jazz masterpiece, this is definitely it. It's been a somewhat shitty coupla days 'round here, so I'm coping by sitting around with a fluffy-ass cat in my lap, getting high and pretending that I'm at the beach.

Track listing:
1. Lovers Paradise
2. Melting Blue
3. Sun Bathing
4. Sunset Afternoon
5. X's and O's
6. Wind, Wave & Wineglass
7. Coconuts Island
8. Evening Shadow
9. Blue Memories


More of these vibes:
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Spacy (1977)
Shakatak -
Night Birds (1982)