Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Lugubrum - Winterstones (1995)

Belgian black metal. Druggy, warped, raw, and totally ahead of its time. The same labored, generally slow-to-midpaced approach of DSBM, but it feels less like a matter of being down in the dumps, and more like the band is fucked up on pills or something. They got a little too wacky for my tastes on later records, but Winterstones is solid gold.

Track listing:
1. Embrace the Moonlit Snowclouds
2. Sose Gilimida Sin
3. Aardmannen
4. Ogenboom
5. Dance of the Winterking
6. Foltas
7. Fliegenpilz
8. Winds Enter My Mouth
9. Black Hag

I bathed in the four rivers
I watched the world flood

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