Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Songs of Green Pheasant - Songs of Green Pheasant (2005)

Gorgeous 4-track psych folk. Haunting, reverb-drenched songs recorded solo-style in a kitchen. The angelic vocal harmonies are vaguely reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel at their folkiest, but with a far darker, druggier feel.

Track listing:
1. I Am Daylights
2. Nightfall (For Boris P.)
3. The Burning Man
4. Knulp
5. The Wraith of Loving
6. Until...
7. Hey, Hey, Wilderness
8. Truth But Not Fact
9. Soldiers Kill Their Sisters
10. From Here to Somewhere Else

Oh, they can't take your soul
Oh, tell me, what is a soul?

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  1. mmm, i was just thinking today how i love when reverb is so heavy that it attains liquid-like properties..

  2. Thank you for this. Perfect recommendation.

    Spent my Sunday laying in bed listening through this and their other albums. Can recommend everything they have released, but especially 'Aeriel Days'. Amazing album.

    1. The self-titled is still my favorite but Aerial Days is beautiful too. I love the "Dear Prudence" cover so much -- it's almost like a big reveal, like a "this is 100% where my sound comes from" moment.

  3. knulp sounds suspiciously like blind by michael gira. they also have an identical track length.
    that being said it is a great album

  4. whoops no they don't, my media player fucked up