Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tim Hollier - Tim Hollier (1970)

An obscure gem of beautiful, melancholic, psychedelic folk rock from British singer-songwriter Tim Hollier. It's my understanding that all folk albums of this era were legally required to contain at least one song dedicated to a bird, and "Seagull's Song" takes care of that obligation right off the bat.

Track listing:
1. Seagull's Song
2. Llanstephan Hill
3. And It's Happening to Her
4. Man of Gentle Sunlight
5. Evolution
6. Maybe You Will Stay
7. Would I Sing
8. Love Song
9. It's Raining and It's Cold
10. In This Room
11. Evening Song

Standing on the castle wall, he's shouting at the sea
His rage at finding nothing in the air

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  1. Great artist! Thank you much.

  2. nooooooo zippy noooooo.. half europe cannot download from zippy anymore!!!!!

    1. Yeah zippyshare sucks, I stopped using it and replaced a bunch of the old links, but nowhere near all of them