Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rollerskate Skinny - Shoulder Voices (1993)

Irish psychedelic, shoegaze-y slacker rock. Kinda like a less well-mannered Yo La Tengo, or Pavement gone shoegaze. Makes me miss my record store job, as this is an album that I first heard simply because it found its way into my hands while I was pricing CDs, and the album art was just weird enough to get me to set it aside for later listening.

Track listing:
1. Miss Leader
2. Violence to Violence
3. Lúnasa
4. Bring on Stigmata
5. Bella
6. Ages
7. Bow Hitch-Hiker
8. Some Give Birth
9. Shallow Thunder
10. Slave
11. So Far Down Up to Heaven

Heaven all around

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  1. I'd forgotten how great this stuff was! Although I recall liking their four eps a little more than than either of their albums. Thanks for the post!

  2. Lotus Crown, Jimi Shields's post-Rollerskate Skinny band, were great too, but it seems like nobody ever talks about them -- even less so that RS. You used to be able to find their one gem of a record, Chokin' on the Jokes, in many a record store bargain bin due to Reprise over-promo-ing it.