Sunday, February 25, 2018

Nightstick - Ultimatum (1998)

Ass-kicking, intensely psychedelic sludge. A cerebral concoction of Sabbathian riffs, shrieking feedback, skronking sax, acoustic ragas, hand drums, and political samples that will remind you that Dick Chaney was a POS way before he tricked the US into supporting the war in Iraq then shot a dude in the face. And that's just the first song.

Track listing:
1. Ultimatum: Cut If Off Then Kill It
2. United Snakes
3. The Pentagon
4. Pig in Shit
5. 4 More Years
6. August 6, 1945: A. Flight B. Fright
7. Dream of the Witch's Sabbath / Massacre of Innocence (Air Attack)
8. Ultimatum: He... Is... Dead... Wrong (4-Track Version)
9. Ultimatum (Live @ Mama Kin's)


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  1. Love the comments! Could not agree more about the Dick! Great album cover too perhaps a little upsetting to the local....bacon patrol!

  2. ex-SIEGE (you guys know Siege, right?) drummer....
    this is pretty awesome, thanks

    1. I do! Didn't realize that tho, thanks for the info