Friday, February 9, 2018

ION - ION (2014)

Excellent Bay Area psychedelic black metal. Beautiful, chiming leads; vicious blasting; tremolo picking dissonance; and deep chasms of drone and post-metal. Bands from SF and Oakland have a knack for seamlessly integrating elements of psychedelia into whatever genre they like, and ION is no exception. They also just put out an early contender for BM record of the year, so def don't sleep on that.

Track listing:
1. Abolished
2. Waters of Dusk
3. Transcendence
4. Embers
5. Echoes Through an Open Wound

Stained black dove
Visions filtered to bliss

More along these lines:
Deathmoor -
Actus Sacrophagia Mortem (2015)
Greytomb -
A Perpetual Descent (2016)


  1. This is so good!!!! And so much better than that Ukrainian nazi bullshit you posted earlier.

    1. I do love that record BUT you are right, that dude is a POS. I knew as much about Nokturnal Mortum, but somehow I didn't connect to the dots. I've added a disclaimer to the post. Thank you.

    2. Sorry I was totally digging it too when I decided to look up the project on the Metal Archives. Usually I'm like 'eh whatever' but for some reason the sheer breadth of this Varggoth's bullshit bugged me more than usual. Wasn't trying to call you out or anything. I totally respect your policy when it comes to that stuff on here and appreciate how open you've been in the past. Cheers.

    3. I appreciate it, for real. Didn't feel called out. It totally fucking sucks when you're digging a band THEN find out that they're racist, so I like to try to help my readers avoid that. Cheers back atcha.

  2. Goosebumps. I'm really surprised I didn't know about these guys before!

  3. have you heard this?